This remarkable castle, today transforment into an Hotel, Spa and restaurant, is a residence whose history stretches back to the 12th century, its first fortifications perhaps even to 1000AD.  Surrounded by its beautiful greenery setting, the energy of the castle is the result of several contruction periods and renovations : the main parts of the building were built between the 15th, 16th and 18th centuries. 


The transformation of the Castle into a Hotel started in 2004, when the Montuoro family became the owner. After the first renovations, the place opens its doors as Bed & Breakfast. Over the years, the family renovated the rooms, floors, and then the outbuildings, finally opening in 2015 as a Hotel, Spa and Restaurant with 23 rooms up to date. The hotel is family run now. Patrice brings energy and the global vision, Valérie manages the hotel to coordinate the team and the customer experience in order to offer hotels a unique stay. Athéna manages ecological and economic development: seminars as well as stays and retreats around well-being.

Our common vision is to promote the Château de l'Epinay in France and internationally to combine luxury hotels and the essential center of well-being and resources for body and mind. It will anchor its sustainability on a very high customer satisfaction and a philosophy of sharing which tends towards a more responsible consumption, respectful of nature, and better for health.

A little bit of architecture

A stone's throw from the Châteaux de la Loire, an alley bordered by roses leads to this typical residence from the 15th and 16th and 18th centuries. Ancient wooden furniture, crystal chandeliers and a modern decoration touch makes this hotel sophisticated, warm and welcoming. 

Some great families

Across the centuries, the Château de l'Epinay has seen many illustrious families. Each of them had the opportunity to bring their own touch and to contribute to the character that defines the place today.