Sleeping in a castle, feeling like kings

There is plenty of room to feel like a king, a prince or a princess when you decide to sleep in a castle such as the Château de l'Epinay. From the ancestral walls to the spa, the restaurant and more, the establishment near Angers leaves no one indifferent.


Sleeping in a medieval castle, a luxurious experience


Forget the armor and the big cold rooms, the medieval castle of today is a magnificent 4 star hotel with luxurious services. A few kilometers from Angers, in the Loire Valley, it is the Château de l'Epinay which allows you to sleep in an exceptional castle-hotel. As soon as you arrive, you will be charmed by the magnificent facade of the establishment, by the wooded park which you will enjoy from your room. As soon as you enter the hall, you will already feel the atmosphere full of history. The centuries-old stones, the period decorations, such as skylights, mullioned windows, gargoyles and others, create a medieval setting that make it a dream hotel with 24 unique rooms.


Château de l'Epinay, a unique castle in the Loire Valley


The rooms are all personalized with period furniture, the restaurant is gastronomic, it is understood for such a luxurious hotel. Even if you come to sleep in a castle, you will love all the facilities that are not medieval but that bring a luxurious touch to your stay at less than 2 hours from Paris by TGV. The spa is the first thing you'll like. Sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, massages with cosmetic products from the 5 worlds, gym, it is not a simple hotel with spa that the Castle of Epinay. This castle in the Loire Valley is a retreat designed to reconnect your body with your mind and your natural environment. Through a holistic approach, the establishment offers a wide range of activities unique in the region. From hypnosis to permaculture workshops, from sports coaching to sophrology, from forest bathing to naturopathy, you have many possibilities to refocus on yourself thanks to a course offered by the establishment. The activities are entirely optional and are part of the various offerings of the establishment. It's a way of seeing a weekend for two differently by offering a stay in a dream hotel that combines the useful with the pleasant.

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