Stay tuned with Connected Week at Château de l'Epinay!

The show of the future is today

The Internet of Things and Digital Innovation Festival will be held for the second time from 17 to 25 November in Angers. And after last year's success in launching this event, there is no surprise. Large companies and startups will meet again to show that it is not useful to go to Silicon Valley to find specialists in electronics and the Internet of Things. Connected health, connected commerce, connected agriculture... all areas will be addressed from the perspective of new technologies. We will also talk about artificial intelligence, Big Data, software eco-design and everything that will enable us to find tomorrow's solutions of today's problems.

This festival will also be a time for reflection through conferences. The one organized at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of the University of Angers will certainly attract attention. It will address the transparency of algorithms, small lines of programs that some see as a threat, others as an opportunity and others as a revolution.

It should also be noted that the Musée des Beaux-arts is associating itself with the festival and will propose a visit to a room related to the use of technological devices.

The perfect hotel for Connected Week

Being connected, hyper connected, even ultra-connected, is sometimes exhausting. You also have to know how to disconnect. What better way to take a break and recharge your batteries than a 16th century castle! Château de l’Epinay proposes to be your hotel for Connected Week in Angers. Aisle of roses, mahogany furniture, large crystal chandeliers, here, nothing is virtual, everything is real. After a busy and productive day at Connected Week, you will get back in touch with reality by enjoying the natural pool, outdoor jacuzzi, spa, restaurant... and of course carefully decorated rooms. No doubt, you will appreciate the contrast between the exuberance of new technologies, the animations dedicated to digital and the Internet of things, and the refined atmosphere of this 4-star hotel. In a world where everything goes fast, sometimes too fast, the staff at Château de l’Epinay will take the time to welcome you and ensure your well-being. Located in Saint-Georges-sur-Loire, just twenty minutes from Angers, the Château de l’Epinay is the hotel for the Connected Week in Angers.

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